"Be Happy, Then Live" was created in autumn and winter of 2014. It is a story of Mike Khan - a journalist who transforms his life after having interviewed one of the famous so-called spiritual teachers. The main idea is to depict philosophical concepts that are difficult to understand in the most simple and accessible way with a language that can be understood by everyone. I also want to contain there questions that almost all of us asked in some point in our lives:

How to be happy? What is the purpose of life? Why do I always have bad luck? Why bad things happen to me? Is there something beyond this physical reality? Why are some people rich while others live in poverty? Why do I get sick all the time? Why do I have problems with building relationships? Those fundamental life questions are presented and explained in this interview.


Most people build relationships, accumulate baggage and burdens, material wealth and this and that. Later, they fear that they will lose it all - instead of enjoying what they have and truly living life to the fullest. Yet, material goods, while perhaps necessary, are not the end all and be all. From what I have learned and experienced, we should first go on that quest for happiness and later walk down that road to our true desires. This is an ultimate expression of both spiritual and physical. That is why I decided to entitle this book – “Be Happy, Then Live.”

When we transform ourselves inwardly, everything in our lives will follow, bringing us happiness and joy. We will be able to look upon life's problems and obstacles from a different perspective - not to mention that most of these will just disappear the moment we see that they were merely created by our own selves. We will also be able to more easily achieve the things in life we dream of because all the main principle of the Law of Attraction is based on a concept of ‘feeling’ emotions. Therefore, it is my deepest joy to share a unique perspective on these themes that will help you in your own personal transformation.