About me

I am passionate about teaching. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English philology with a teaching specialization. My second passion is music. My main instrument is drums but I also play the piano and the guitar. Additionally, I compose music and in the last year I have been interning at a music studio. My main interests are spirituality and philosophy as I have always experimented with these dimensions since I was very young.

After graduating college, my family situation wasquite challenging and I chose to grow through those challenges by staying in my small home town after graduating. During this time I experienced difficulties in dealing with poverty, addictions, mental diseases and many other negative things in my surroundings and family. I was looking for some consolation, some answers, because these struggles were sometimes so hard that I even thought of ending my life. But I never gave up, and studying these topics led me to find my inner strength as well as peace and joy - regardless of what was going on in my outside world.

My transformation happened as a result of studying these topics for the last couple of years. From my own example I became convinced that the life we all hope for is accessible regardless of age, health, material status and where we live. For those who want to make something a reality, there will always be a way. I now live in a magical relationship - one I always dreamt about – and one that is with the most wonderful person in the world. I have a job that I love. Of course, there are still negative energies and feelings that I come across on an everyday basis but I learned how to transform them and not to let even one day come without a smile. I now understand that the most valuable skill in life is to achieve emotional freedom and master negativity and I want to share that understanding with all of my readers. 




photos by Justyna - www.zaparowana.blogspot.com