That June night I was in tears…

Standing in the middle of a park. The park I used to wander round every few days. Now it looked completely different. Not only park but also all my life ! All the problems, all the self-doubt evaporated in one second ! How was it possible ?

It is a very common sensation for people who crossed the threshold of their minds. I didn’t know then that it was connected with the meditation practice I had been doing for some time. It came out of the blue. Just pure joy, endless smile painting all over my face. This sensation of electric currents going down my spine was second to none. I was engulfed in endless felling of bliss.  Although it was summer and rain was falling I had never seen a more beautiful summer night before.

When I came back home, I started studied more and wanted to know what exactly had happened to me. The more I read, the more I knew that it was written in almost all religion, spiritual, philosophical text throughout the history. It was this secret that was available only to few. How to reach that state and be happy and blissful regardless of outside circumstances. How to radiate this positive energy all the time and doing that literally restructures our reality and outside circumstance. I discover that in order to change the outside we must first change inside. It is just the same as with a mirror – in order to change reflection you have to change yourself first not the other way around.

One of my life passion, being a teacher, is to make things simply and easier to understand. I challenge myself to do it with all that knowledge that I gather through all these years since that January day. This attempt resulted in writing “Be Happy, Then Live.” This knowledge not only is presented in a simple, understandable way but also “dress” in a form of a story.

I really want to share it with world, because the more I share it and more people discover this for themselves and reached their happiness and dream, the more happy I am. I love to see how others become happy go for their dreams. Whether it’s a new car, a new house, more money, real love it is all possible. I also present a few reviews that I have already got:

"'Be Happy, Then Live' delivers the answers we yearn for while searching for fullment in our lives. It presents us with the tools and information to reach the deepest and truest part of our inner selves. Michal Miszczuk engages readers with a remarkable and heart-opening dialogue that keeps you turning the page to discover more of how thoughts and feelings affect and create your life experience. The book illuminates the most important principles for living the life you desire . Through Dan's eyes, we discover a world filled with beauty, compassion, and love. A truly inspiring book that will help you exploring the depths of your fears and dreams and go forth in your life with a renewed joy to truly live an extraordinary life."

Iohana Gheorghiu, USA, San Jose, California.

"Yesterday I was looking at my kids playing in the garden. They were so happy, so connected to nature, so living in this moment. I was just finishing this great book and just glanced over to check them out. The time seemed to stop. It was a perfect moment of pure happiness. I felt so lucky and so grateful for everything I have. This book reminded me of it. Reading it, It took me back to the time when I read 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsch- still one of my favorite books.

 If you are willing to explore who you really are and are open to make yourself responsible for your life, then this is a great book for you. It is easy to read and makes you think about where you are going, pure and simple truth. If you are willing to open your heart and really implement those thoughts, it has potential to change your inner universe. Give it a try!"

Ana Susic, Croatia, Zagreb, Entrepreneur and Health Coach

“Be Happy, Then Live. A simple path to an extraordinary life”. Also, I found a book called like this and the author, Michal Miszczuk, give this book out as a free trial, what is amazing, because he didn’t want to take money in advance, but he put a lot of time, energy and effort to write down these thoughts and I am honored that he let me the opportunity to read this book and more to write a review.

This wonderful book is about self-development, self-discovery, the law of attraction, bringing into life abundance in different forms and many more. It is written in a simple and accessible way with a language that can be understood by everyone.

Are fundamental life questions that are presented and explained in a story of Mike Khan - a journalist who transforms his life after having interviewed one of the famous so-called spiritual teachers. For e.g. “How to be happy? What is the purpose of life? Why do I always have bad luck? Why bad things happen to me? Is there something beyond this physical reality? Why are some people rich while others live in poverty? Why do I get sick all the time? Why do I have problems with building relationships?”

After reading the book, I realised that I knew a lot of things, but I have to learn more for discovering my inner selve and all the Universe. I am able now to look upon life's problems and obstacles from a different perspective and achieve the things in life that I dream more easily, because all the main principle of the Law of Attraction is based on a concept of ‘feeling’ emotions what brings us Happiness and Joy.

That’s why I recommend with love this book and thank you, Michal, that you have contributed to let me explore the depths of my fears and dreams and renewed happiness and joy in my life.”

Izabella Miklos, Romania, Brașov 

I offer you this book only for $5. Money is a way of exchange energy and if you don't get any value for yourself from the book I will send back money to you. After buying you will be redirected to page where you can download the book in two forms pdf and epub.